Scheduling Recitals

Schedule your recital by the applicable quarterly deadlines seen below. Recitals are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Music major seniors are given first priority, then academic recitals, and finally informal recitals.  

Types of recitals: 

  • Informal recitals are given by Stanford students receiving private instruction from a member of the Music faculty with their prior approval.

  • Academic recitals are restricted to Music majors fulfilling academic requirements.

  • Senior recitals may be given at any time during the student’s final year of study, but only ONE senior recital is allowed for any student. For Music majors with two areas of concentration, we recommend scheduling an academic recital in the junior year to satisfy concentration requirements. The program notes created as part of the senior recital are an academic document that needs to be reviewed by a Musicology faculty member and approved prior to submission. Likewise, any song texts need to be fully attributed if translations are provided.

Recital request deadlines are:

  • August 15 for Fall Quarter Events
  • December 15th for Winter Quarter Events
  • March 15th for Spring Quarter Events

1. Booking Procedures
  • Discuss your intention to give a recital with your instructor, who acts as your faculty sponsor and supervises preparation of your concert.
  • Browse the Campbell Recital Hall schedule on 25Live to help you determine an available date for your recital.
  • Once you have determined at least three dates that would work for you and your faculty sponsor, your faculty sponsor will need to fill out the Department of Music Concert Request web form for your recital. Students may not fill out the concert request webform.
  • Once the request is received, you will be assigned one of your date/time choices if they are available, and you will receive a confirmation email. If none of your requested dates are available you will need to work with your faculty sponsor to find an alternate date.
  • Once you have a confirmed date, have your faculty sponsor schedule your dress rehearsal on the department scheduling calendar.
  • Cancellations are allowed only in extreme circumstances and with the approval of both your faculty sponsor and bhardest [at] (Administrative Director (Bryan Hardester)). You will be required to either be present at the venue or have a proxy there to speak to patrons if cancellation is requested and approved after the publication of the concert calendar. Additionally, you must notify the mstill [at] (Department Publicist (Michael Still)) immediately upon cancellation.
  • Students may have a reception following their recital. Please have your faculty sponsor note this on the official concert request.
  • You are expected to set up and clean up for your reception. This includes emptying all food garbage into the dumpster in the loading dock between Braun Music Center and Dinkelspiel Auditorium. Any receptions that are not cleaned up satisfactorily will have any additional cleaning needed charged to your student account.
  • All Department of Music recitals are audio recorded. You will be able to download an electronic file of your recital from the Concert Downloads page. Remember that you may need to obtain releases from various artists performing in your concert, especially if they are not Stanford students. You will receive an email when your recording is ready.
2. Prepare Your Program
  • Program information is due two weeks prior to your concert.
  • Prepare ALL the following information for your program. A Word template is available from mstill [at] (Michael Still), who will be preparing your program for printing. The template indicates all the necessary information that you will need to provide about your concert. The required information includes:
    • Identify each work including titles, sources (collection, opera, or show title), all composers' names and years, movements being performed
    • Correctly spell names of all performers
    • Brief bios of primary performers
    • Roster, if your performance includes an existing or ad hoc ensemble
    • Thanks or acknowledgments, including your Stanford faculty sponsor and any other faculty you may have consulted. If you receive a lesson scholarship from the Friends of Music (FoM), also acknowledge your patron, or FoM in general if you do not have a specific patron.
  • At least two weeks before your recital, have your faculty sponsor review the content of your program and confirm their approval via email to the rleigh [at] (Undergraduate Student Services Officer (Rowen Leigh)). After approval by your faculty sponsor, send your program contents to the mstill [at] (Department Publicist (Michael Still)) for layout.
  • For all recitals except Senior Recitals, any texts/translations for a voice recital, or program notes, may be given on a separate handout that is copied at your own expense.  (Note: separate handouts must be submitted to your advisor for review and approval.)
3. Prepare Your Publicity
  • The Department will help publicize your recital through the methods described above. You are responsible for all additional publicity.
  • Inform wkeats [at] (M)mstill [at] (ichael Still) if you make changes to your program after booking the recital. We need up-to-date information to better assist you with publicity.
  • Create a flyer to publicize your concert. Various art elements are available in the office for your use. Your flyer MUST include:
    • The phrase “Stanford University Department of Music presents” or the “Music at Stanford” logo, available in various formats from wkeats [at] (M)mstill [at] (ichael Still);
    • The day, date, time, and place displayed prominently and correctly;
    • The cost (“Free admission”); and
    • Names of performers and composers should be shown, and if space allows, titles of works to be performed.
  • Email your flyer to wkeats [at] (M)mstill [at] (ichael Still), Administrative Director (bhardest [at] (Bryan Hardester)), or the rleigh [at] (Undergraduate Student Services Officer (Rowen Leigh)) for final approval before copying.
  • Copy your flyer. You may use the Music office copy machine to make up to 50 black-and-white copies on white or colored paper. If your flyer uses color images, you will need to have color copies made at your own expense (FedEx/Kinkos branches are located nearby, as well as PIP at 2233 El Camino Real, Palo Alto).
  • Seven to ten days before your recital, distribute your flyer to friends and faculty and post it on established kiosks and bulletin boards. DO NOT POST on walls, windows, and trees: the Department will be charged for clean-up, and we will in turn charge you.
4. Make Your Final Arrangements
  • Confirm your scheduled rehearsal time and instrument/other special needs with the Production Coordinator.
  • Confirm your payment for your concert recording, if you requested this service.
  • Please check in with the production staff regarding instrument moves and stage setup(s)
  • On the afternoon or evening of your concert, you may arrive up to one hour early to set up or rehearse.
  • There will be a technician on hand to take care of lighting and other needs. The technician will arrive an hour before your performance and will lock up after.

The Department gives you extra help for your Senior Recital. 

Follow the checklists above, but note the following changes and additions:

  • Send a publicity headshot of at least 300 x 300 pixels to the mstill [at] (Department Publicist (Michael Still)) by the booking deadline for possible use on our concert calendar and at events.stanford.
  • Your program will be on the standard Department of Music program format, and may include program notes (and texts and translations for vocal recitals) after approval by your faculty sponsor.
  • At least two whole weeks before your concert email your completed program to the mstill [at] (Department Publicist (Michael Still)), who will proofread it and have it professionally printed. All senior recital programs nee to be approved by your faculty sponsor(s); approval should be noted by turning in a signed hard copy, or by having your sponsor send it by email with the program as an attachment. Your programs will be delivered to your recital by our concert staff.
  • Seniors may have only ONE senior recital. If you have more than one concentration area in music, we advise that you plan a recital in your junior year to accommodate the academic requirements in your secondary area of concentration.
  • Canceling Your Senior Recital: Concert cancellation or rescheduling after the booking deadline is permitted only in extreme circumstances. Provide a formal request, approved by your faculty sponsor, with compelling justification to the Administrative Director for permission to cancel or reschedule. As previously stated, you will be required to either be present at the venue or have a proxy there to speak to patrons if cancellation is requested and approved after the printing and distribution of the quarterly concert calendar. Additionally, you must notify the mstill [at] (Department Publicist (Michael Still)) of the cancellation, as the Upcoming Events calendar will need to be edited to reflect the cancellation.