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Private music lessons are enrollable classes in Axess, and all require that the student audition and secure a place in an instructor's studio prior to enrollment. If you are new to Stanford, please audition with us! (Note to frosh: the Arts Portfolio process is unrelated to auditions.) Any current Stanford student is eligible to audition. Many group lessons have no audition requirement.


All matriculated Stanford students are required to register for lessons. 

A Zero-Unit Enrollment option has been created for graduate students and for students unable to enroll for units in lessons or ensembles. Review our Zero-Unit Enrollment Policy to learn how to enroll.

Questions or problems with this page? Contact rleigh [at] stanford.edu (subject: Lessons) (Rowen Leigh).



  • Group lessons (numbered 00-99) do not have a lesson fee.
  • Lessons are fully supported for Music majors, minors and advanced degree students.
  • All other private (one-on-one) music lessons at Stanford are subject to a lesson fee in addition to tuition. Sliding-scale financial support is available for private lessons from Friends of Music at Stanford. Visit the Applied Music Fees and Policies page for more details.