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Prospective Undergraduate Students

The Department of Music invites all Stanford students to pursue their musical explorations in an environment rich in talent and knowledge through programs that focus on students’ interests in fields such as performance, composition, theory, conducting, music history, and computer music. 

As you weigh your options for undergraduate study, take a look at the resources below to learn more about our offerings and the application process.

For questions or assistance with an upcoming campus visit, contact the rleigh [at] (subject: Prospective%20Undergrad%20inquiry) (Undergraduate Student Services Officer).

Informational Handout

The Arts Portfolio

Undergraduate Studies



Music Student Life

Fellow students give the most valuable feedback. Feel free to contact any of our student ambassadors listed below with any questions about the Music program, or student life in general. A few of their areas of interest appear next to their names. More about the Music ambassadors and their contact information can be found in the ProFro Informational Handout.

  • gbishko [at] (Grant Bishko)A cappella; theater groups; Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrk)
  • jocelyn8 [at] (Jocelyn Chen)Piano; chamber music; collaborative piano; orchestra (bassoon, keyboard)
  • efajer [at] (Ellie Fajer)Trumpet; orchestra
  • jhclee [at] (Jin-Hee Lee) – Voice; a cappella
  • msoong [at] (Marc Soong)Piano; chamber music