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Chamber Music at Stanford

The Chamber Music program works primarily with ensembles that include string players, pianists and occasionally other instrumentalists interested in chamber music assignments. Applicants from all majors and departments are welcome.

If you have questions about whether this would be the best fit for your interests, contact the St. Lawrence at slsqsu [at] (slsqsu[at]gmail[dot]com).


Auditions for Winter and Spring Quarters are offered by appointment. Interested candidates should write to slsqsu [at] (slsqsu[at]stanford[dot]edu) for information. Students who want to audition at any time should note the following:

  • One may audition as an individual or as part of a pre-formed ensemble.
  • This year, everyone must audition even if you have participated in the past. 
  • Chamber Music requires a minimum commitment of 3 hours per week. Attendance is required at all chamber music events listed below unless prior arrangements have been made with the St. Lawrence.
  • All participating Stanford students are required to enroll for Department of Music ensembles. If you are unable to enroll in Chamber Music for units, there is a process to request a permission number to register for zero units. If you need zero units, address this with your coach immediately. Those registered for zero units are expected to fulfill the same course requirements and commitments.
  • More about zero unit enrollment here.

Placement is at the discretion of the SLSQ and dependent on several factors including the availability of suitably matched partners and coach availability.

After the audition period, successful applicants will receive an email with information regarding chamber music placement and coaching assignment. Once you know your coach, register in Chamber Music 171 in your coach's section.

Important Reminders
  1. Your coach is responsible for your grade and may choose to base your grade partly on attendance, commitment, and teamwork.
  2. After consulting with your coach, your group may request to play in a masterclass and/or concert each quarter.
  3. When your group is performing in a masterclass or concert you are expected to remain in the audience until the group immediately preceding yours performs. You are then expected to slip out quietly, tune, warm up, and be prepared to walk on stage when it is your turn. Return to the audience following your performance.
Required Chamber Music Events 2023-24

In week 7 of each quarter, sign-ups will be available for Showcase performance slots.

Friday, January 26

4:30 p.m.Up Close and Personal! with the extraordinary Viano String Quartet, this generation's most celebrated young string quartet. Bing Concert Hall (stage)

6:00 p.m. Pizza!

RSVP for Up Close and Personal with the Viano String Quartet here

Sunday January 28

2:30 p.m.The Viano String Quartet with Mahan Esfahani in recital. Bing Concert Hall (stage).

Saturday, February 17

2:30-4:00 p.m.Details pending

Showcase Dates:

Autumn Quarter

Showcase I – Wednesday, December 6
Showcase II – Monday, December 11

Winter Quarter

Showcase I – Monday, March 18
Showcase II – Wednesday, March 20

Spring Quarter

Showcase I – Monday, June 10
Showcase II – Wednesday, June 12

slsq [at] (Email Us)