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Alessandra Rose Aquilanti

SLSQ Program Manager
Phone: 650-498-2288
Debbie Barney photo

Debbie Barney

Chair's Administrator, Graduate Student Services Officer, Academic Administration
Office: Braun 101
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00 PM - Noon; 1:00PM - 4:00 PM
Phone: 650.725.3101
Constantin Basica photo

Constantin Basica

Concert Coordinator (CCRMA)

Mario Champagne

Director of Finances and Operations
Office: Braun Music Center Rm. 101F; 210-101F
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Phone: 650.723.0038

Bryan Hardester

Facilities Manager
Office: Braun 101
Phone: 650.724.6738
Virginia Herbert photo

Virginia Herbert

Production Coordinator
Photo of Jewel Hutt

Jewel Hutt

Piano Technician
Willy Keats photo

William Keats

Publicist (Internal), Graphic Artist
Office: Offsite
Phone: 650.962.1457
Lori Lack photo

Lori Lack

Department Accompanist

Rowen Leigh

Undergraduate Student Services, Friends of Music Liaison
Office: Braun Music Center
Phone: 650.725.1932 (UG) | 650.723.1780 (FoM)
Zack Leuchars photo

Zack Leuchars

Production Manager

Steven Lightburn

Department Accompanist
Phone: 650.326.6939

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano

Systems Administrator; Composer; Lecturer (CCRMA)
Office: The Knoll, Rm. 206; 300:206
Phone: 650.723.4971 x307
Thomas Malone photo

Thomas Malone

Piano Tuner/Technician
Frances Molyneux photo

Frances Victoria Molyneux

Choral Studies Program Administrator
Phone: 650-497-3110
Su Mi Park photo

Su Mi Park

Department Accompanist
Phone: 650.269.8812
Adriana Ramírez Mirabal photo

Adriana Ramírez Mirabal

Orchestral Studies Program Administrator
Office: Braun 110A
Karen Van Dyke photo

Karen Van Dyke

Flute Ensemble Director

Velda Williams

Financial Officer
Office: Braun Music Center
Phone: 650.725.3100
Nette Worthey photo

Nette Worthey

CCRMA Administrator
Office: 660 Lomita Dr. Stanford, California 94305-8180
Phone: 650.723.4971 x320
Matt Wright photo

Matt Wright

Technical Director, CCRMA
Office: 660 Lomita Dr. Stanford, California 94305-8180
Phone: 650.723.4971 x304