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Constantin Basica

Constantin Basica photo

Constantin Basica

Concert Coordinator (CCRMA)
D.M.A., Composition, Stanford University
M.A., Multimedia Composition, University of Music and Theatre Hamburg, Germany
B.A., Music Composition (classical), National University of Music Bucharest, Romania
B.A., Conducting (orchestra), National University of Music Bucharest, Romania
Graduation Year: 
Dissertation Title: 
Symbiotic encounters between performers and media in two large-scale compositions


Constantin Basica is a Romanian composer currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area, whose current work explores perceptual illusions in the context of audiovisual performance. His compositions include pieces for solo instruments, chamber ensembles, and orchestra. In recent years, he has been composing multimedia works for acoustic instruments, electronics, and video, which have been performed in Europe and in the United States by artists such as Séverine Ballon, Tony Arnold, Elision Ensemble, Ensemble Dal Niente, and Splinter Reeds.

Constantin is the Alejandro and Lida Zaffaroni graduate fellow at Stanford University, where he is working with Jaroslaw Kapuscinski and Brian Ferneyhough toward a D.M.A. in Composition. He is also studying with Mark Applebaum and Erik Ulman. His previous mentors were Georg Hajdu, Manfred Stahnke, and Peter Michael Hamel at the University of Music Hamburg in Germany, as well as Dan Dediu, Nicolae Coman, Doina Rotaru, and Bogdan Voda at the National University of Music in Bucharest in Romania.


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