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Outreach and Events

The SLSQ presents free concerts and special events on the Stanford campus and the wider community. Watch this space for schedules and information on upcoming concerts.

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Chamber Music Seminar 2018
June 23—July 1


Join us for midday celebrations of chamber music featuring the extraordinary SLSQ and their guest faculty.

    Midday Masters Program One

    Monday, 25 June at 12:00 pm
    Bing Concert Hall
    Free Admission. Free tickets available at the Bing box office at 11:00 am.

    • SLSQ: Geoff Nuttall, Owen Dalby, Lesley Robertson, Christopher Costanza
    • Michael Kannen, cello
    • Pedja Muzijevic, piano

    Midday Masters Program Two

    Wednesday, 25 June at 12:00 pm
    Bing Concert Hall
    Free Admission. Free tickets available at the Bing box office at 11:00 am.

    This program will include a screening of Buster Keaton’s 1927 film College, accompanied by a live performance by the SLSQ and Stephen Prutsman with an original score composed by Prutsman.

    Midday Masters Program Three

    Friday, 25 June at 12:00 pm
    Bing Concert Hall
    Free Admission. Free tickets available at the Bing box office at 11:00 am.

    • Tara Helen O’Connor, flute
    • Daniel Phillips, violin
    • Erika Switzer, piano
    • Pedja Muzijevic, piano
    • Seminar Strings
    • Stephen Prutsman, piano


    Strings of Summer

    Saturday, 30 June at 2:30 pm
    Campbell Recital Hall
    Free Admission. Reservation required.

    The Azure Family Concert features the guest and student musicians of the SLSQ Chamber Music Seminar at Stanford, with host pianist Stephen Prutsman. Since many with Autism (or related challenges) cannot attend traditional music performances due to uncontrollable vocalizations or physical movements, the St. Lawrence String Quartet and long-time collaborator pianist Stephen Prutsman, felt a real need to create a musical environment whereby not only are such behaviors not frowned upon, but accepted and embraced.


    International Showcase

    Saturday, 30 June at 5:00 pm

    Bing Concert Hall
    Free Admission. Free tickets available at the door at 4:30 pm.

    The International Showcase will feature some of the extraordinary ensembles participating in this summer's SLSQ Chamber Music Seminar.

    Marathon Finale!

    Sunday, 1 July at 11:00 am
    Campbell Recital Hall
    Free Admission

    A “marathon” performance by all twenty-three of the 2018 Chamber Music Seminar ensembles, including young professionals, students, and adult amateurs. The performance is estimated at four hours or more; patrons are welcome to exit and re-enter in between pieces during this fesitval-like conclusion to the annual Seminar.


    Howard Nelson & Pamela Frank: Fit as a Fiddle

    Saturday, 23 June at 4:00 pm
    Campbell Recital Hall
    Free Admission

    In the last few years, physical therapist Howard Nelson has begun applying movement system principles to musicians. He has worked with musicians in Rolle and Verbier, Switzerland, Caramoor, Rice University, Chicago Music Institute, and the Tokyo Viola and Menuhin Competitions. He specializes in analyzing how movements and alignments in daily life, and while playing an instrument, can contribute to a pain problem. He uses video to help in his analysis, and can show musicians how to videotape themselves at home.

    Along with Pamela Frank, their newest venture is the formation of Fit as a Fiddle Inc., a collaboration in which they use both their expertise for injury prevention and treatment of musicians.  

    Bowmaker François Malo: Two presentations

    Sunday, 24 June at 4:00 pm
    Tuesday, 26 June at 4:30 pm
    Campbell Recital Hall
    Free Admission

    In the first of two presentations by Canadian bowmaker François Malo, he will take us into his world and craft, discussing his autobiography, the history of French bowmakers, and the making of a bow from beginning to end.

    Malo's second presentation will discuss and demonstrate his bows that have found their way into the hands of string players at Stanford and beyond.

    Celebrated for his excellence in the French bowmaking tradition, Malo bows can be found in the hands of some of the finest instrumentalists in the world. Malo first studied under French bowmaker Jean Yves Matter, and continued his studies in Mirecourt, the French capital of violin and bowmaking for the last 200 years, where he further honed his craft under Gilles Duhaut. A third apprenticeship with famous Parisien maker Stephane Thomachot completed his training in the French bowmaking tradition, after which he apprenticed with New York bowmaker William Slachow in the late 1980s. In the late 1990s, Malo taught at the summer bowmaking camp in Oberlin, Ohio. He is currently a member of the American Federation of Violin and Bowmakers. Also a cellist, Malo earned a degree in cello performance from McGill University.



    Pamela Frank

    Sunday, 24 June at 10:00 am
    Campbell Recital Hall
    Free Admission

    Pamela Frank has established an active international career across a varied range of performing activity. Her musicianship was recognized in 1999 with the Avery Fisher Prize, one of the highest honors given to American instrumentalists. In addition to her career as a performer, Frank holds the Herbert R. and Evelyn Axelrod Chair in Violin Studies at the Curtis Institute of Music, where she has taught since 1996.

    Seminar Faculty Masterclasses

    Monday, 24 June at 4:30 pm
    Wednesday, 26 June at 4:30 pm
    Thursday, 27 June at 4:30 pm
    Campbell Recital Hall
    Free Admission

    Seminar participants perform and receive commentary from seminar faculty.

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