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Vocal Performance, Opera, Musical Theater, and Ensembles

Vocalists at Stanford sing in musical theater and opera productions, choral and early-music ensembles, and perform in solo recitals. Participation in all vocal ensembles, lessons, and activities is available by audition to students in any major. Eligibility for private voice lessons and most voice classes are based on audition; an audition is not required for beginning voice classes. The panoply of vocal courses includes Dramatic Vocal Arts, Diction for Singers, German and French Art Song Interpretation, Singing: How It Is Done, Singing for Musicals, and many more. Masterclasses led by world-renowned artists are offered to students through the Shenson Recital Series and Stanford Live. Community members are welcome in the Stanford Symphonic Chorus and several other ensembles.


Composition • Improvisation • Music History • Popular Music
Marie-Louise Catsalis
Musical Theater • Opera
Piano • Collaborative Piano • Vocal Studies • Chamber Music
Wendy Hillhouse photo
Vocal Studies • Musical Theater • Opera
Kathryne Jennings photo
Vocal Studies • Musical Theater • Opera
Nova Jimenez photo
Vocal Studies • Musical Theater • Opera
Hans Kretz photo
New Music Ensemble • Music History
Mary Linduska photo
Vocal Studies
Benjamin Liupaogo photo
Vocal Studies • Musical Theater • Opera
William Mahrt photo
Music History • Early Music • Vocal Studies
Robert Huw Morgan photo
Organ • Choral Ensembles • Conducting
Rafael Ornes Photo
Choral Ensembles
Choral Ensembles • Conducting • Taiko • Asian American Studies
Greg Wait photo
Emeritus • Vocal Studies • Musical Theater • Vocal Studies • Opera

Lessons & Courses

Music 156: [sic] Improvisation Collective
Music 159: Early Music Singers
Music 159K: Stanford Facsimile Singers
Music 160B: Stanford New Ensemble
Music 162: Symphonic Chorus
Music 163: Memorial Church Choir
Music 165: Chamber Chorale
Music 167: University Singers
Music 167S: Summer Chorus

Music 2C: Introduction to Opera
Music 34N: Performing America: The Broadway Musical
Music 60: Singing: How it is done
Music 124A: Songwriters Workshop
Music 147J: Studies in Music, Media, and Popular Culture: The Soul Tradition in African American Music
Music 159J: Performance as Analysis: Late-Medieval Music in Action
Music 186B: American Song in the 20th Century and after

Music 65A: Beginning Voice Class
Music 65B: Beginning Voice Class II
Music 73: Intermediate Voice Class
Music 173: Voice
Music 273: Advanced Voice
Music 198: Concentration Project

Music 159J: Performance as Analysis: Late-Medieval Music in Action
Music 182: Diction for Singers
Music 183A: German (Art) Song Interpretation
Music 183B: French (Art) Song Interpretation
Music 183C: Interpretation of Music Theater Repertoire
Music 183E: Singing for Musicals
Music 184A: Editing and Performing Early Music
Music 184B: Topics on the Musical Stage
Music 184C: Dramatic Vocal Arts: Songs and Scenes Onstage
Music 184D: Creating a Musical.

Courses in the Spotlight

Music 183A: German (Art) Song Interpretation

Song interpretations class in a workshop setting. Composers include Beethoven, Schubert, Wolf and Strauss.

Music 65A Beginning Voice Class

If you've always wanted to learn how to sing, then this is the class for you.  No previous vocal experience is required for students interested in taking this introductory voice class which is designed to teach you about the physical processes involved with healthy singing.  The skills you learn will help you to expand your vocal range, learn how to express yourself in a song, build presence and become more confident in vocal performances. 

Music 183E: Singing for Musicals

This course provides training in vocal technique and acting for students interested in musical theater. Students will learn about the physical process of singing: posture, breath support and vocal exercises. The course will focus on development of vocal technique and the art of acting the song. Each student will work on solo selections and ensembles. The course will culminate in a final public workshop performance.


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