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Accessibility - Memorial Church

Building Access

From the Oval, use the ramped path to the right of the steps to reach the arcade level.  Continue through Memorial Court past the Rodin Collection and MemChu is directly ahead.  The front entrance to the Church is up a set of three stairs.  There is an accessible entrance with an automatic door located on the east side of the building (if facing the main entrance, go around to the left side of the building).  This entrance will require assistance from the event House Manager or usher in the Church lobby to access.  Once through this entrance, continue through the door on the right to enter the main sanctuary of the Church.  There is also an accessible (step-free) entrance on the west side of the Church.  There is no elevator in Memorial Church


The accessible restroom is located just inside the accessible entrance to your left.

Parking and Transportation

The Marguerite shuttle stop is directly in front of the Main Quad.  Disabled parking is located at the top of the Oval on either side for closer access to the front of the Main Quad.  For closer access to buildings along the back end of the Main Quad, the closest parking is available at the end of Santa Teresa Street, near Duena Street, or in a small parking lot near Duena Street and Panama Mall.  There is a limited amount of disabled parking located behind MemChu via Duena Street (gate access code required). 

Contact the Diversity and Access Office at (650) 725-0326 or visit the Diversity and Access Office website for details.