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The CCRMA Stage is a modular concert space, with seating options up to 80, and dimensions 25' x 55' (7.5m x 16.7m). It is equipped with 56 high-quality loudspeakers and 8 subwoofers, a digital mixing console, two computers (Mac and Linux), a DVD/CD player and two LCD projectors and screens for multi-media presentations. A Yamaha Disklavier (DC7 Pro) piano is also available along with a small performance lighting system. The room is acoustically treated, with acoustically sealed windows and doors, and adjustable acoustic window coverings.

The sound system features a Yamaha DM-1000 mixer which feeds 56 ADAM speakers: 8 subwoofers surrounding the audience at about 6 feet from the floor; the remaining 8 speakers are mounted on the ceiling forming a smaller circle. Sound diffusion can be made to all 56 speakers directly, or through a 3rd + order horizontal Ambisonics decoder to the lower ring.

CCRMA resources including the Stage are dedicated to music making, composition, performance, research and education, and are to be used according to Stanford policies. The Stage may not be used for unsanctioned personal or private purposes.

Access is limited to faculty, students and guests of the department with prior reservation.

For more detailed information about the space, including how to reserve the stage, please visit the CCRMA Stage page on the CCRMA website.

Directions to CCRMA Stage