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Practice Rooms

Updated May 27th, 2021


The following parameters apply only to Summer Quarter, specifically, June 21 - July 30.  

On-campus requirement for undergraduate students*:

Undergraduate students looking to practice in Braun and Dinkelspiel this quarter must live on campus. 

* Undergraduates living within 150 miles of campus can apply for a Research Exception here.  Research exceptions will require enrollment in a Department of Music course during summer quarter.  


Enrollment requirement: 

There is currently no enrollment requirement for use of Braun’s practice facilities for the summer quarter.  


Practicing for graduate students and University staff members:

For summer quarter, University graduate students and staff members can register to practice in Braun and Dinkelspiel.  


Availability and timeline: 

Practicing times will begin Monday, June 21st through Friday, July 30th (6 weeks total).  There is a large facilities project scheduled for early August that will limit access to many of the practice rooms. This is why access is available only through the end of July, even though the quarter ends on the 27th of August.


Rooms will be available: 

Mondays, 9am - 6pm

Wednesdays, 9am - 8pm

Thursdays, 9am - 6pm


PPE guidelines, time restrictions and other guidances can be found here:



The practice room fee will be prorated for Summer Quarter on account of the shortened access period.  The fee structure is based on when you begin practicing, as follows:

Week 1 = $30 for the quarter

Week 2 = $25 for the quarter

Week 3 and after = $20 for the quarter

Staff and postdocs need to arrange their cash or check payment drop-off with Alma Pasic-Tran by emailing her in advance at

*If you are enrolled in an individual or group-lesson course, the fee for the practice rooms is incorporated into the private instruction fee.  In a normal quarter, the lesson fee would remain $50 for that quarter.



Scheduling will begin June 7th; all requests must be done via email.  Each musician is currently limited to a maximum of three hours per week. To submit your request, please email Alma Pasic-Tran.  Requests have to be made more than 24 hours in advance; requests for Monday must be made by noon on the preceding Friday.


If you need an ADA-compliant practice room, please include that information in your scheduling request.



For inquiries about specifics relating to practicing in Braun and Dinkelspiel in Summer Quarter, please contact Alma Pasic-Tran.