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Practice Rooms

Updated April 5th, 2021


For Spring Quarter 2021, as in previous quarters this academic year, Santa Clara County's COVID-19 Tier color will determine practice room availability.


On campus requirement for undergraduate students:

Undergraduate students looking to practice in Braun and Dinkelspiel this quarter must live on campus.  Those who live off campus are not yet eligible to reserve practice times. 


Enrollment requirement:

To practice in Braun and Dinkelspiel this quarter, you must be actively enrolled in a Music Department course in Spring Quarter. This includes private lessons, group lessons, academic courses, and performance ensembles. 


Staff Members:

Due to a reduction in the number of available practice rooms, we are not yet able to offer practice spaces to Stanford faculty and staff members.  


Purple Tier:

Practicing is limited to graduate students who play either keyboards or percussion instruments and who meet the above requirements.


All other Tiers:

Practicing is open to all instrumentalists and vocalists*, both graduate and undergraduate, who meet the above requirements. 


* Vocalists, Winds, and Brasses: 

Both indoor and outdoor locations are available for these instruments. Outdoor locations are limited to 1-hour practice sessions, and indoor locations are limited to 30-minute practice sessions. 

Availability / Timeline:

Practicing times will begin Monday, April 12th, at the beginning of week three of the quarter.  Rooms will be available from 9 am to 4 pm, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.



The practice room fee will be prorated for Spring Quarter.  The fee structure is based on when you begin practicing, as follows:

Week 3 = $40 for the quarter

Week 4 = $35 for the quarter

Week 5 and after = $30 for the quarter

*If you are enrolled in an individual or group lesson course, the fee for the practice rooms is incorporated into the private instruction fee.



All scheduling requests must be done via email.  Currently, each student is limited to a maximum of three one-hour sessions per week. To submit your request, please email Alma Pasic-Tran.  Requests have to be made more than 24 hours in advance; requests for Monday must be made by noon on Friday.

If you need an ADA-compliant practice room, please include that information in your scheduling request.



For inquiries about specifics relating to practicing in Braun and Dinkelspiel in Spring Quarter, please contact Alma Pasic-Tran or Bryan Hardester.