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Department of Music Concert Downloads & CDs

Concert Recordings

Audio Recordings

Audio recordings of Department of Music concerts for ensembles and individual student recitals are available for participants in those concerts to purchase. CD copies of concerts are usually available shortly after the concerts are completed. Recordings may be requested by submitting the recording request form linked below.  

Concert Recording Request Form  Updated 10/14/2019

Video Recordings

Students may request video recording of their individual recitals with no less than two weeks notice through the recording request form. Some ensemble concerts may be video recorded at the discretion of the Department of Music. When this occurs, copies of those videos may be made available to concert's participants for purchase. For ensemble concerts, only the ensemble director may request a video recording be made of the concert. Inquire with your ensemble director about the availability of video recordings of ensemble concerts.

Older Recording Requests

Recording reqeusts for concerts more than a year in the past should go through the Archive of Recorded Sound.  The ARS can be found in the basement of the Music Library in Braun Music Center and can be contacted by phone at (650) 723-9312.  Their email is and their hours are: Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.  They can be found on the web here:


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Thursday, October 17, 2019