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Albert Cohen

Special fields: history of music theory, French music of the 17th and 18th centuries. Publications: Music in the French Royal Academy of Sciences (Princeton, 1981), Music in the Royal Society of London, 1660-1806 (Info. Coordinators, 1987); edition of J.-B. Lully’s Ballet Royal de Flore (Olms Verlag, 2001).

Karol Berger

Karol Berger is the Osgood Hooker Professor in Fine Arts at the Department of Music, Stanford University, where he has taught since 1982.

George Barth

Special fields: piano and fortepiano, 18th- through 21st-century performance practice, rhetoric and music, early recordings and musical style, the piano music of Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, Brahms, Ives, and Bartók. Studied with Peter Armstrong, Jon Barlow, Malcolm Bilson, and John Kirkpatrick.

Appearances as recitalist, as soloist with orchestra, and as musicologist throughout the U.S. and Central Europe.

NEH Fellow, 1989.


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