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Servio Marin

Servio Marin

Visiting Scholar, CCRMA
Ph.D., University of California, San Diego


Servio Marin, Ph.D., composer, director, choreographer, visonual artist, Visiting Scholar at Stanford University

Servio Marin is a Franco‐Venezuelan composer (his musical compositions have been performed in Europe, America and at the "International Computer Music Conference" in Vancouver, Alberta and Hong Kong), conductor ("Orquesta Radio National " and " Coral Filarmónica ", Caracas Venezuela ‐ 1977‐1983), computer music programmer (Center for computer Research in Music and Acoustics ‐CCRMA‐ Stanford University, 1983‐ 1987), composer researcher (Groupe de Recherches Musicales ‐ GRM Maison de la Radio et Télévision Française, Paris ‐1973‐77).

Creator of the concept of the visonual (1981, 1994), Servio Marin coined this term to represent the fusion (as opposed to the superimposition) between visual and aural perception. His creations and research work focus on multisensory integration and multimodal perception, following the line of metaphoric constructions such as “listening through the eyes, seeing with the ears”. His interdisciplinary work at Stanford University combines dance, music, architecture and video, and his most resent research projects imply visual and aural interrelations on human and machine perception, machine learning, image processing, pattern recognition and computer vision. Based on that research, Servio Marin is creating a computational model of the visonual and applying it to his ethnographic work on spatial narrative, and the many mental spaces determining spatial construction and the musical narrative of minority discourse (1995, 2018).

Servio Marin has been a professor of music, visual arts language and cultural studies in several universities in the United States, France and Venezuela (University of California, San Diego, National University, Stanford University, San Diego Mesa College, University of San Diego, Chapman University, Institut universitaire de technologie A de l'université Grenoble, Academie de Grenoble, Universidad Central de Venezuela and Universidad Metropolitana). He holds a Ph.D. on interdisciplinary studies from University of California, San Diego and a Masters in Computer Music from Stanford University.