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John Strawn

John Strawn photo

John Strawn

Ph.D., Stanford University (1985)


Since childhood I straddled the two worlds of engineering and audio, starting with piano lessons and learning to solder. I was a major in organ performance and music theory at Oberlin, where I also worked in the analog electronic music studio and learned Music V. I went to Berlin to study musicology on a Fulbright and learned more about synthesizers and studio technology. Then I traveled to Japan, where I performed and conducted independent research in electronic music with an IBM Watson Fellowship. For my PhD at CCRMA I analyzed transitions of instruments (bow change / no bow change; tonguing / no tonguing). After Stanford I was a member of the The Droid Works/Lucasfilm. Starting in 1987 I helped found Yamaha Music Technologies, an American R&D wing of the Japanese music instrument manufacturer. Since 1992 I have been active in my consulting practice (S Systems), specializing in digital audio, computer-generated music, and digital signal processing as a programmer. I am also active as an expert witness in patent and copyright litigation.