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FoM Board of Directors

The Friends of Music Board of Directors works to ensure the continued health and stability of the scholarship program, and plans fun and exciting member events that display the diverse resources available to the Stanford Music community.

Executive Committee

  • Dr. Gabriel Groner, Treasurer
  • Susan Larson, Chairperson and Scholarship Chair
  • Teresa Merchant, Education Chair
  • Dr. Robert Schreiber, Membership Chair

Board of Directors

  • Dr. Albert Cohen
  • Christopher Costanza
  • Benjamin Deovlet II
  • Anne Gazenbeek
  • Stina Katchadourian
  • Dr. William Mahrt
  • Miriam Palm
  • Lynne Toribara
  • Joan Winden

Student Representative: Hannah Pho

Department of Music

Rowen Leigh, Administrative Liaison
PH:  650-723-1780


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Monday, April 30, 2018