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James Bond book by Adrian Daub and Charles Kronengold appears in Greil Marcus's "Real Life Top 10"

Last year's book by Stanford scholars Adrian Daub and Charles KronengoldThe James Bond Songs: Pop Anthems of Late Capitalism — a survey of five decades of music created for the James Bond film series — recently appeared in cultural critic Greil Marcus's long-running column, "Real Life Top 10." Marcus, no stranger to the analysis of the times, places, and circumstances that influence popular music, finds The James Bond Songs to be "the best answer there is to all those who say you can make too much of a song — it’s proof that even writers as determined as Daub and Kronengold can’t come close to exhausting a song, the world it came from, and the world it makes." | Read Greil Marcus's "Real Life Top 10" at Pitchfork.