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Andy Meyerson (B.A., Music '08) and The Living Earth Show premiere “Tremble Staves" in SF

Andy Meyerson (B.A., Music '08) is the percussionist, co-founder, and artistic director of The Living Earth Show, a chamber ensemble comprised of himself and electric guitarist Travis Andrews. The Living Earth Show recently premiered “Tremble Staves,” a site-specific piece composed by Raven Chacon and performed October 19 at the ruins of the Sutro Baths in San Francisco. The San Francisco Chronicle "Datebook" section highlighted this performance in an article by Joshua Kosman:

“When we started to work with Raven about three or four years ago,” Meyerson says, “we wanted him to tackle the most ambitious thing he could imagine, and it turned out he was most excited about water — both the geopolitical implications of water shortages, but also water as an essential element and a constant omnipresent force.”

Sutro Baths — where a vast indoor swimming pool stood until 1966 — serve as both a backdrop and a component of the piece, which is scored for four electric guitars and a percussion ensemble of about a dozen players... If there is a thread connecting the various projects and collaborations the Living Earth Show undertakes, it’s a preference for a long, patient gestation period. The years it took to bring “Tremble Staves” to fruition are the rule, not the exception.