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Tysen Dauer

Tysen’s current work investigates the racialized aesthetics of low-level psychological states in the reception of early American minimalism. The project connects music transcription and analysis, auditory neuroscience and music cognition, ethnography, archival work, and critical race theory to make sense of first-person experiences of minimalist compositions. The work entails experimental psychology studies in collaboration with the NeuroMusic lab, the Music Engagement Research Initiative, and the Culture and Emotion lab.

Marcus Zagorski

Before coming to Stanford to study musicology, Marcus Zagorski studied composition at McGill University in Canada. He currently teaches at Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia, where he offers courses in music history, aesthetics, analysis, composition, and Central European history.

Sebastián Salvadó

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (2011-2014)
Research Fellow, Norwegian Institute in Rome - University of Oslo (2014-2015)


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