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Lorenzo Tunesi

Lorenzo is in the doctoral program in musicology. His research interests include late medieval and renaissance music in Italy and France. 

Gabriel Ellis

Gabriel Ellis is a Ph.D. student in historical musicology at Stanford University. He writes on the aesthetics and production of contemporary popular music. Other interests include voice studies, critical theory, psychoanalysis, and the philosophy of art.

Michael Kinney

Michael examines representation and identity politics in late 19th, 20th and 21st century opera and musical theatre. Specifically, his work addresses issues of vocality, technology, and aging, with a focus on diva worship, fan studies, and queerness. Other interests include discourses of “late style” throughout music history, temporality in musical theatre, and the aesthetics of trash and disgust in 20th and 21st century film sound and music. 

Kirstin Haag

Kirstin Haag is a doctoral student in Musicology at Stanford University. Her dissertation centers on early-colonial missionary music of rural Guatemala with a focus on the villancico. The project examines the role of indigenous practitioners, the socio-political workings of colonial song, and issues of rural vs. urban music-making. Kirstin’s secondary research interests include the intersection of music, sports, and nationalism in the U.S., as well as issues of music pedagogy in higher education.

Kelly Christensen

Kelly Christensen is a doctoral candidate in musicology at Stanford University. She holds a master of arts degree in musicology from Indiana University, with a minor in philosophy (2015), and a bachelor of music in music education from Bowling Green State University (2012). Her dissertation, “When Music Gets Old: Revivals, Reorchestration, and Recollections of Eighteenth-Century Opéra-Comique in Nineteenth-Century France,” asks how audiences, artists, and administrations remembered cultural products of the Old Regime after the Revolution, specifically the nationalist genre opéra-comique.

Benjamin Ory

Benjamin Ory is a PhD candidate in Musicology. His dissertation examines the origins of mid-sixteenth-century musical style and its twentieth-century reception. For the academic year 2019–20, he will be a DAAD Research Grant recipient based in Regensburg/Munich.
Benjamin also has an A.B. in Music from Harvard University and studied Music Theory at the Hochschule für Musik in Freiburg, Germany.



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