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Computer-Based Music Theory and Acoustics

Camille Noufi

Camille Noufi is a vocalist and research engineer pursuing the application of vocal expression, musical engagement and human connection to assistive technologies.  Her research interests link areas such as digital signal processing and human-computer interaction to vocal production, perception and cognition.  

John Strawn

Since childhood I straddled the two worlds of engineering and audio, starting with piano lessons and learning to solder. I was a major in organ performance and music theory at Oberlin, where I also worked in the analog electronic music studio and learned Music V. I went to Berlin to study musicology on a Fulbright and learned more about synthesizers and studio technology. Then I traveled to Japan, where I performed and conducted independent research in electronic music with an IBM Watson Fellowship.

Nolan Lem

Nolan Lem is an artist and researcher whose work reflects a broad range of influences and mediums. He has premiered work at the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History (NYC), Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation (BK), The Wallach Gallery (NYC), Flux Fair, Riverside Park, Columbia University, Spencer Museum of Art, and the NIME (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) Conference among others. He has received commissions from the National Science Foundation (NSF), West Harlem Art Fund and the Hall Center for the Humanities.

Elliot Canfield-Dafilou

The systems that allow us to experience the auditory world in three spatial dimensions are extraordinarily complex. Humans possess a remarkable ability for identifying the distance, location, and size of a sound source with high accuracy, and these spatial auditory cues fundamentally shape the way we interact with the world. Moreover, spaces impart their own distinctive coloration to sounds occurring within their walls. My research aims to understand and to model human auditory spatial perception with a specific focus on music.


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