Swingposium: Immersive Music, Theater, and Dance

Date and Time
Sunday November 6th, 2022
2:30 - 4:00pm
Dinkelspiel Auditorium
471 Lagunita Drive, Stanford, CA 94305
About this event

San Jose Taiko’s highly-acclaimed Swingposium combines taiko, jazz, swing dance, and immersive theatre to tell a hidden history of one way Japanese Americans maintained morale in WWII Incarceration Camps — through swing dances with live big band music. An immersive environment surrounds the audience with the sights and sounds of "camp,” their active participation pulls them deeply into the emotional trajectory of the story: the fear and loss of being sent to an Incarceration Camp, the struggle to maintain dignity and hope, and the ultimate victory of the human spirit. | Created and produced by San Jose Taiko and featuring San Jose Taiko, Stanford Jazz Orchestra, Asian America Theater Project, Swingtime, and Stanford Taiko.


Introductions: Interviews with former internees featuring Asian American Theater Project.

SATURDAY 7:50 PM | SUNDAY 2:50 PM (approximate time)
Band begins: The audience is ushered to the stage for the duration of the show.

Show FAQs

Q. Where's the best place to sit for this show?
A. This is not a sit-down show; it is more of a dance. It is an immersive theater production, which means you're encouraged to dress up in swing-era clothing and dance! Sitting is OK, but why not imagine you're an extra on a movie set, surrounded by actors, dancers, and taiko players? We encourage the audience to become part of the production — to dance and enjoy the interaction!

Q. Is it ok if I don't dress up or dance?
A. It’s totally fine, but the experience is designed for participation and engagement.

Q. Where will this all be happening?
A. The audience will enter Dinkelspiel Auditorium through the lobby and sit as they would for a "regular" show. At some point, the music will start and the audience will be ushered up onto the stage. The rest of the production will happen there.

Admission informatio

  • 20 Stanford student free tickets per show will be available beginning one hour before curtain — first come, first served! Please read Stanford Ticket Office's free ticket information hereSATURDAY | SUNDAY
  • Stanford University guidelines now state that masks are no longer required, but are strongly recommended. We encourage you to continue wearing masks for the comfort of our patrons, staff, and artists. Proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test will no longer be required.
Event Sponsor
Department of Music
Asian American Activities Center