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Madeline Rohmann Huberth, Ph.D. candidate (Ph.D. Major, Music; Ph.D. Minor, Psychology): Dissertation Defense

May 4, 2018 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
The Knoll, Room 315


Perception and Performance of Implied Polyphonic Textures: Factors of Pitch Organization

Implied polyphony is a musical texture in which two or more lines of independent melody ("voices") can be perceived, despite the absence of concurrent tones. While this percept can be accentuated by many musical structural features, pitch organization (e.g., large interval leaps, stepwise motion) is critical. My dissertation seeks to better understand such factors of pitch organization in how we perceive, and in how performers express, implied polyphonic textures. In this defense talk, I will describe a collection of three experiments examining the role of melodic motives in neural and behavioral correlates of voice segregation, as well as performer expression (microtiming and motion) of pitch structures related to implied voices.

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Department of Music
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Student Performers
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Spring 2018