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Collision Stories

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 - 7:30pm to 9:00pm


Please join us as we start off the new academic year with some high volume electronics courtesy of Collision Stories, a four-piece abstract sound brigade based in San Francisco, CA. Its members are Jorge Bachmann, Bryan Day, Michael Gendreau, and Mason Jones. Instruments may include analog and digital synthesizers, guitar, bass, turntables, percussion, theremin, and handmade sound machines.

The four members came together after having encountered each other over a number of years, crossing paths here and there as they wove their strands through the experimental, psychedelic, improvisational, electronics, and avant-garde scenes. Once they finally gathered and spent an evening engrossed in collective sound-making, it was evident that their diverse backgrounds coalesced into something unique and intriguing. The quartet is eternally restless, and no two works are the same as the quartet searches for the next moment of joyous sonic interlock. Inspiration can come from the location, an accident of wiring, or a chance word while setting up. One member may randomly decide to bring an entirely new instrument one evening, or to string effects in reverse just to see what happens. Coincidence and change are essential elements. All of the members have extensive resumes they bring as musicians, composers, visual artists, writers, and creators in general.

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Department of Music
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Guest Artists
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Fall 2017
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Collision Stories