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Chris Hoff and Sam Harnett are co-creators of "The World According to Sound," a brief feature (and a podcast) that airs on NPR’s All Things Considered and weekly on individual public radio stations. The Washington Post writes that “each episode is 90 seconds, containing a neat little story about an evocative, unusual sound rendered in intense aural detail.” The show’s sound-driven approach to radio has been featured on programs like NHPR’s “Overheard,” KQED’s Earful, KALW’s The Spot, CBC’s Podcast Playlist, and a segment on HowSound call

Dr. Laya Silber’s talk will begin with a brief overview of the problematic status of Yiddish in Israel since the establishment of the State. She will then analyze representative original Yiddish compositions by Israeli composers – none of whom speak Yiddish - and discuss what is particularly "Israeli" about them. Dr. Silber will address the questions of why they compose music of this genre and explore the symbiotic relationship between Yiddish and Israeli music.

In the last few years, physical therapist Howard Nelson has begun applying movement system principles to musicians. He has worked with musicians in Rolle and Verbier, Switzerland, Caramoor, Rice University, Chicago Music Institute, and the Tokyo Viola and Menuhin Competitions. 

He specializes in analyzing how movements and alignments in daily life, and while playing an instrument, can contribute to a pain problem. He uses video to help in his analysis, and can show musicians how to videotape themselves at home.

In the second of two presentations by Canadian bowmaker François Malo, he will discuss and demonstrate his bows that have found their way into the hands of string players at Stanford and beyond.

In the first of two presentations by Canadian bowmaker François Malo, he will take us into his world and craft, discussing his autobiography, the history of French bowmakers, and the making of a bow from beginning to end.


Fluidity of Musical Materials

The presentation will discuss the topics of pedestrian virtuosity, the everyday uncanny, personal strategies for collaboration, and the conceptual usage of sound, video, and light employed in the presenter's dissertation piece.

Non-Oversampled Physical Modeling for Virtual Analog Simulations

Neural correlates of musical temporal processing


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