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Baroque Soloists

Instrumental Ensembles
Stanford Baroque Soloists: String Quartets from the Margin

Elite string group focusing on chamber music of the Baroque era, c. 1600-1750. Concerti, overtures, suites, solo & trio sonatas for your instrument, quartet music from the pre-history of the string quartet. Each member is expected to solo as well as play backup. Performances each quarter, played standing, student-led without a conductor. Coaching will emphasize leadership and ensemble techniques, intonation and blend, particulars of eighteenth-century notation, and performance practice. Modern instruments, modern pitch, and baroque bows as available. Limited to six violins, three violas, three cellos, bass, and admission by audition. Zero unit enrollment option available with instructor permission.

Director: apmartin [at] (subject: Stanford%20Baroque%20Soloists) (Anthony Martin)

For more details and audition information, contact Anthony Martin.