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Audio: Hui Ting Goh

This composition attempts to portray the life of an umbrella as envisioned by the composer. The umbrella is represented by a characteristic lifting motif that presents itself throughout the entire song. The piece is divided into four main portions: It starts off on a lovely day with the umbrella joyfully shielding its owner from the sun’s rays. Then, a thunderstorm approaches, and the umbrella fights against the fierce winds to protect its owner from being drenched. The rain lightens to a drizzle as the pair escapes, before the sun reappears. The umbrella attempts to continue with its sun-shielding duties, but as it is now in tatters from its battle, it cannot quite recreate that same carefree, joyful tunes from before. The piece ends with the "death" of the no-longer-functioning umbrella, leaving behind a heavy, yet bittersweet feeling of a tool which has served its owner well. — Hui Ting Goh

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