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Audio: Brody Skiff

Beast Molt

Beast Molt was written in fall of 2019, and the piece is reflection on the many periods in my life where I found myself having nightmares for weeks on end. In one of these periods, I had a recurring dream where I was held captive by strangers and, in some ritual, I slowly transformed into a strange beast. This idea was jarring and demanded my attention, and eventually manifested itself into this piece. — Brody Skiff

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Holy Water Ocean

Holy Water Ocean was written in Spring of 2019, and is inspired by the beach near where I live in Southern California. It’s a stunning place all year round, and the first ideas for this piece came to me after a particularly cold swim one evening in winter. The sensation of both comforting forgiveness and violent indifference is really particular to the ocean, so this piece is an attempt to portray that kind of magic. — Brody Skiff

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