Recorded Arts Portfolio

What items are required?

All Arts Portfolio audition recordings must be submitted via the web with your application. Vocal, instrumental, and conducting auditions must be submitted in video format. No audio-only files will be accepted except in the case of composition submissions. Recordings must be accompanied by the following items:

  • Performance video or composition audio file; multiple files are OK.
  • Music résumé (which might include instructors, musical interests, awards and honors, select performance experience and repertoire).
  • For Composition submissions only: Maximum of 3 works for acoustic instruments and/or electronic media, including web-audio project. Scores in pdf format are only required for notated work. Digital playback of notated score is accepted and encouraged, but not required.

Encouraged: A letter of recommendation specific to the Arts Portfolio. For most students, this will be from a music teacher, but we will welcome a letter from any other person in a mentoring role. This letter is optional but tells us so much about a student. This recommendation is separate from any other letters that Admission may require.

Additional conditions:

  • Applicants are limited to one Arts Portfolio only.
  • Performance students should submit in one instrument/voice area only.
  • The Arts Portfolio is specific in focus but we encourage you to tell us about all your music in your résumé.

The application for Arts Portfolio students must be submitted by the deadlines below to be considered for review.

  • Restrictive Early Action: October 15, 2023
  • Regular Decision: December 5, 2023
  • Transfer: March 15, 2024
I’m a performer. What should I play?

Prepare two or three short, contrasting pieces that demonstrate your current level of ability. A typical audition is about ten minutes. Your submission should be in one instrument/voice area only.

What about accompaniment?

Accompaniment is not required. We recommend that students follow the safest legal COVID-19 guidelines from their county and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), but performing with accompaniment from an output device (i.e., a speaker) or without accompaniment does not put a student at any kind of disadvantage. Neither does a performance with live accompaniment put a student at an advantage.

How do I submit my recordings?

Students may submit an Arts Portfolio through the Coalition Application or the Common Application.

Important Notes about Recorded Auditions
  • Currently, only recorded auditions are available. (Normally, recorded auditions and live auditions are given equal weight, and live auditions are not available for all areas of study.)
  • One Arts Portfolio only.
  • Performance students should submit in one instrument/voice area only.
  • All performances must be submitted in video format. Composers may submit audio-only recordings along with their scores.
  • Dress appropriately for your video. Remember that your video is an audition with our performance faculty. Dress casual ("dressy casual," "business casual") attire is fine.
  • You can submit each piece as a separate file, which you might find more convenient.
  • Students submitting a recorded Arts Portfolio are required to submit their files and all supporting documents via the web; see the Office of Admission website for directions and specific information about Common Application submission processes.)
  • Recordings must be submitted via the upload process described on this website and on the Stanford Undergraduate Admissions website. No recordings submitted via postal mail or email will be accepted.
  • If you would like to hear more about the Department of Music and our undergraduate programs, contact Undergraduate Student Services Officer rleigh [at] (subject: Undergraduate%20programs) (Rowen Leigh).