To pursue doctoral level graduate study in Music, applicants are required to have earned a Bachelor’s degree, and it is expected that applicants to the doctoral programs will have the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree in Music. If you have not actually earned a degree in Music, comparison with the Stanford Department of Music’s requirements for the Bachelor’s degree will help you determine whether or not you will need to take courses in music theory, history, etc., on your own.

The terminal Master's program in Music, Science, and Technology is designed for candidates having an undergraduate engineering, science, music, or arts degree, or a degree that includes course work in engineering mathematics.

Application Deadline and Fee

Electronic applications are accessed via the Graduate Admissions website beginning in late September or early October of each year for admission in September the following year. Applications must be completed and filed by the second Tuesday in December. The filing fee is $125.00. For information on Fee Waivers and funding please see Funding Information.

Required Supplementary Items to the Application

Include the following as uploaded documents within the online application:

  • Statement of purpose;

  • Three letters of recommendation;

  • Scanned (i.e., unofficialtranscripts from each school attended for at least one year; and

  • PhD and MA applicants must also include a writing sample demonstrating scholarly ability (i.e., Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis, papers submitted for classes, published papers, etc.)

  • DMA composition applicants must also include:

    • A complete list of your compositions, AND

    • One or more links to representative scores, audio and video recordings (3–6 recommended) provided online. Please use a streaming service for audio and video content; one or more download links may be provided for PDF files only. (Please make sure that links remain active for at least two months after the application deadline.)

Send official FINAL transcripts to the Department of Music ONLY after you have accepted an offer of admission! Details about final transcripts may be found here.

  • Educational Testing Service (ETS) should send the following scores to school code 4704 (there is no department code):

    • TOEFL scores are required of all international applicants, if English is not your primary language and you do not meet the requirements for a waiver to this requirement.

Per current University policy, all international students including those from Mainland China must receive English language clearance from the English for Foreign Students program prior to becoming a teaching assistant.

Note that GRE scores are optional for all graduate programs in Music.

Funding Information

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