Guidelines for Planning a Concentration Recital

A successful project is facilitated by clear and timely communication with the concentration advisor and the UGSSO. Lack of communication can adversely impact a project, especially if insufficient time is left for the faculty to assemble a jury.


Most concentration recitals can be executed with existing departmental resources. If a student wants to seek additional funding, e.g. from VPUE or the Arts Initiative, the Music office is able to offer some guidance. Consider:

•    Scope of the project
•    Are other student musicians willing to perform with you?
•    How many musicians do you need? How much time?
•    What are your funding categories?
•    How much rehearsal time in the space will you need?

Order of elements and actions

•    Before the end of spring quarter junior year, consult with your advisor and the Undergraduate Student Services Officer (UGSSO).
•    Set a recital date. Recitals should be scheduled at least one quarter in advance, as the calendar fills up quickly, especially in spring quarter. The concentration advisor must request the date for you.
•    Enroll in 2 units of independent study (MUSIC 198) with your concentration advisor, during preparation of the project.
•    Three months before the recital, identify potential faculty jurors, in consultation with adviser and UGSSO. The jury must include at least one Academic Council faculty member. Juries for performance concentration projects may not include the private teacher as a voting member. NB: The student may suggest jurors, but faculty members make the final choice.
•    Performance concentrators: at least a month before your recital, recruit a musicology professor to consult on your program notes; convey professor’s name to the UGSSO
•    At least 2 weeks before recital, turn in approved, final copy of the program notes and artist bios to the Department publicist for program creation and printing
•    Post-performance: If a juror cannot attend your recital, you are responsible for providing the juror with access to a recording. Make the recording available within one week of the recital (or earlier). The juror must receive it at least one week before the graduation deadline.

Guidelines for Planning a Concentration Recital