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Undergraduate Concentration in Conducting

Concentration Expectations


Concentration should be declared no later than a student’s junior year.

Course Requirements:

  1. Six (6) units in Music relating to Concentration area. These units must be completed in addition to all major requirements.
  2. MUSIC 198: Concentrations Project (4 units). The requirements for the final concentration project in conducting may be fulfilled by one of two options:
    • Preparation and performance of a work of moderate scope, under the direct supervision of a member of the conducting faculty. See Guidelines for Planning a Concentration Recital.
 The performance must be accompanied by extensive program notes and a performance analysis paper of approximately 10 pages in length. 
    • An extensive paper (minimum of 15 pages) demonstrating original research in the field of conducting. Paper should follow the university thesis format regarding organization, presentation, etc.


If necessary, MUSIC 198 can be taken over 2 quarters with an Incomplete grade until student completes recital.


Completing a concentration project does not guarantee Honors. A faculty jury evaluates the completed project, and makes a recommendation for or against awarding department Honors. The Undergraduate Studies Committee makes the final decision to confer Honors.

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Thursday, November 3, 2016