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Declare a Concentration

Concentrations offer a valuable opportunity to explore specific areas of musical study. Whether your interests lie in Performance; Conducting; Composition; Music History, Theory, and Ethnography; Music, Science, and Technology or somewhere in between, Music has something to offer.

This page includes supplementary information meant to enhance understanding of official degree requirements in the Stanford Bulletin.

Music majors who intend to pursue a concentration should declare a subplan in Axess, and present a Concentration Application form and project proposal to the Undergraduate Student Services Officer (UGSSO) by the spring quarter of junior year. The concentration requires 4 units of independent study during the project, plus 6 additional units beyond the requirements for the Music major.

Completing a Concentration project does not guarantee Honors. Each concentration project is evaluated by a faculty jury. The jury makes a recommendation for or against awarding Honors to the Undergraduate Studies Committee (UGC). The UGC makes the final decision to confer Honors. To be eligible for Honors in Music, the student must have an overall GPA of 3.60 or higher, and a GPA of 3.70 or higher in courses required for the Music major.

Read and discuss program-specific guidelines with your advisor:

If your concentration project involves a performance, see also Guidelines for Planning a Concentration Recital.

STANFORD Bulletin: Music

Concentration Program Application

For more information about program expectations, consult a Music faculty member whose interests are a good match for the proposed concentration project, and consult the Undergraduate Student Services Officer.