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Friends of Music Applied Music Scholarship Program

This scholarship program has provided means for Stanford students to continue study in applied music. There are over 100 awards granted each quarter in support of private lessons to musicians in degree programs across the seven schools of the University.

UPDATE CONCERNING PRACTICE ROOMS AND FEES: We regret that the practice rooms in Braun Music Center and Dinkelspiel must be closed spring quarter 2019-2020 as part of the effort to limit transmission of COVID-19. Students enrolling in remote lessons for spring quarter will be credited the $50 we normally assess as part of the lesson fee to support the upkeep of pianos and practice rooms. The credit can only be posted after the final study list deadline when all enrollment decisions have been made. Questions to rleigh (at)

Please wait to request aid until you have been approved to enroll in a lesson studio by the instructor. To request funding for more than one lesson studio per quarter, submit a separate request for each studio. Matriculated Stanford students from all student careers are welcome to apply, subject to the conditions above. The application is open from the first day of each quarter through the final study list deadline. This scholarship is available for private lessons only. We regret that group lessons are ineligible for scholarship. Undergraduates are eligible for scholarship on a sliding scale. Students in advanced degree programs may receive funding for up to half the cost of lessons.

Scholarship Options

If the scholarship option you requested is not available, your application will default to the "DEPARTMENTAL SCHOLARSHIP" category.


Students who can commit to a year (three quarters) of private lessons. Students will be paired with an active donor for all three quarters in an effort to provide continuity for our scholarship donors, and further networking opportunities for students. This aid award is open to all students. This is a full scholarship for Music majors and minors, and a partial scholarship for non majors.


Instead of scholarship thank-you notes, students will be required to submit materials that can be used for advertising department concerts and recitals. Examples include: photographs of concerts or rehearsals, press release text, live tweeting, or Facebook posts. Students will be given one assignment per quarter based on personal skill set. This aid award is open to all students, limit 20 per quarter. This is a full scholarship for Music majors and minors, and a partial scholarship for non majors.


Awarded based on demonstrable need and Department of Music citizenship, such as involvement in the Department through ensembles, volunteer work or high levels of achievement in individual instrument areas. This aid award is open to all students. This is a full scholarship for Music majors and minors, and a partial scholarship for non majors.


Sponsored by the School of Engineering to encourage engineering students to continue their music studies while at Stanford. Applicants must be declared in Axess in the School of Engineering (graduate or undergraduate programs). Students have the option of committing to three quarters in an autumn quarter. This is a partial scholarship.


Applicants must be registered for, or have already taken the MCATs, be currently enrolled in the Medical School, or be currently in a medical fellowship or residency. This aid award is limited to two students per year. This is a full scholarship.

Scholarship Requirements

The requirements for receiving a Friends of Music Scholarship are:

  • Approval from an instructor to enroll in a lesson studio, one-on-one instruction only
  • Enrollment in a lesson studio in Axess — Note: as of winter quarter 2018-19, there in no longer a minimum number of units of enrollment for undergraduates!
  • A scholarship application form, submitted in the first three weeks of the quarter

  • A thank-you note or approved arts marketing deliverable by the deadline in your award notification email from the Department of Music
  • An invitation sent to your scholarship patron to all of your performances, and a thank-you to your patron in your recital program

Your Friends of Music Scholarship amount will be mainly determined by your:

  • Financial aid ranking (i.e., how much aid you receive from the University)
  • Level of involvement with Department of Music ensembles, classes and other activities
  • Other indicated need

Note: Any request for a scholarship will be held in pending status if the conditions of a scholarship in a previous quarter are unmet.